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How does it work?

Up to 15 acts take to the stage and get a maximum of 5 minutes. The audience are given three jumbo 'frog' cards, if two or three go up you're off! If you manage to "Beat the Frog" and stay the full 5 minutes you will enter the clap off at the end of the show to determine the nights winner. We believe in giving comics an opportunity for progression, winners of Beat the Frog will automatically go through to the heats of World Series in October, depending on how well they do in the World Series they maybe given the opportunity to return to the Frog for an trail spot, uninterrupted. All Acts must be over 18 to enter

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I got into comedy completely by accident. When I went along to the Frog and Bucket for an open mic show, I only meant to watch… I’d never been on a stage before and I was shocked by how bright the lights were. I couldn’t see anyone. And I only had one joke… At least four of them chuckled. That first laugh, it’s like losing your virginity – it’s not perfect and you know you’ll get better but you’re completely bitten by the bug.

John Bishop